TarekTV – Here (Official Music Video)

If you’ve ever lost someone, this is for you.

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I walked around the house
from room to room,
like an animal searching for a loved one.

Hard to accept that you’re not here,
wishing you would come back.

And I hate to leave the bathroom light on
because I remember I would find you there.

Looking beautiful as ever,
doing your make up,
flipping your voluptuous hair.

And it kills me when I hear him cry,
when I know that he’s not here.
And I’ll wipe my tears from eye to eye.
And I’ll refuse to believe in this hell.

“It exists” oh…I’m dying to escape.
No, for love; it’s cursed us my dear.
For love, it’s left me here.


For music Listen to  TarekTV’s band at www.islesofaura.com

Lots of soul went into creating this track.
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